Investment RE-C02-i02

Investment RE-C02-i02

i02: National Urgent and Temporary Housing Exchange (176 M€)

The National Housing Exchange promotes a structured and transversal response for people in need of emergency housing solutions (due to exceptional or unpredictable events or situations of imminent risk) or transitional housing (situations which, by their nature, require assisted housing services before they can be referred to a definitive housing solution), with a view to their social inclusion, protection and empowerment, fighting inequalities and ensuring adequate social protection in situations of risk and emergency.

It will be necessary to approve the legal framework of the National Urgent and Temporary Housing Plan and approve the regulation/ conditions for access to funding by the different beneficiary bodies.

The constitution of the supply of housing will be carried out directly, individually or in partnership, by public, private or third sector bodies with experience in this area and will be based on the acquisition, refurbishment or construction of residential units.

The aim of this investment is to meet different needs by creating 2,000 emergency or reception/transitional homes, of a more transversal nature, and 473 dwellings, 3 housing blocks and 5 Temporary Installation Centres and Similar Spaces specifically for the security forces.