Investment RE-C03-i01

Investment RE-C03-i01

i01: New Generation of Social Services and Facilities (417 M€)

The investments to be made with a view to implementing the New Generation of Social Services and Facilities are embodied in interventions at different levels and aligned with the national strategic framework for social inclusion, poverty reduction, active and healthy ageing and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

It intends:

  1.  To upgrade the network of existing social services and facilities and licensing services in irregular situations, including interventions in terms of buildings and respective facilities that aim to create, qualify and equip health isolation spaces for contingency situations; to improve the working conditions of professionals in these structures, ensuring a high level of care; to provide Wi-Fi solutions, computer equipment and digital training to facilitate communication and improve the energy efficiency of buildings;
  2.  To enlarge the network of social services and facilities for children, the elderly and people with disabilities. From the diagnosis made, the most significant deficiencies are located in the North NUTS II, the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and the Algarve;
  3.  To develop a new generation of home support, which allows for the evolution of a Home Support Service (SAD) that, for the time being, focuses on satisfying the basic needs of the elderly and people with disabilities (e.g. food and hygiene), into an innovative, flexible, multifaceted and integrated SAD (with information shared between the user and the various carers);
  4.  To create teams for the Social Radar pilot project to test, nationally, an accessible, proactive and innovative model of support that can cover the whole of mainland Portugal and support the most vulnerable, including those with disabilities, in their independence and inclusion processes (278 local authorities with established social intervention teams);
  5.  To acquire electric vehicles that can address the desired increase in the level of accessible social services and promote maximum independence for individuals so they can access the support and services they need without having to leave their normal life settings, namely through more flexible Home Support Models that promote this independence. Therefore, it is very important to give the bodies providing social and home support services the transport solutions they need to do their job (2,500 vehicles acquired to enhance these social services).


This investment will be put into operation by the Social Security Institute IP, within the scope of its powers and, when necessary, in coordination with other MTSSS bodies and partners.