Investment RE-C03-i03

Investment RE-C03-i03

i03: Enhancing Social Services in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (83 M€)

The Autonomous Region of Madeira intends to enhance Social Services by investing in Residential and Non-Residential Structures for the Elderly and in Support Structures for the Homeless, enhancing and consolidating the social support network, as outlined in the reform to be implemented:

  1.  Expand and upgrade the network of residential and non-residential homes for the elderly to a total of 1,130 beds – build/refurbish infrastructure and facilities for new social services; enhance the existing structures/services and establish partnership agreements with Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS); promote social services that provide night-time support to independent elderly people who remain at home during the day and who, out of loneliness, isolation and insecurity, require monitoring during the night as an alternative to institutionalisation.
  2.  Expand the support structures for the homeless (70 users) – creation of a temporary night shelter and refurbishment of a space destined for temporary and/or emergency shelter, a social service that aims at providing overnight shelter to people without access to permanent housing; establishment of showers and laundry facilities, a social service that seeks to promote personal hygiene and care of clothing; creation of a canteen/soup kitchen to provide meals and which may be integrated with other activities; and creation of an occupational workshop to help improve the social abilities and skills of the homeless persons.


The investment will made through bodies involved in the social economy, namely cooperatives, mutual associations, welfare organisations, foundations and other private charities or their equivalent, provided they comply with the legally-established objectives.