Investment RE-C05-i01.01

Investment RE-C05-i01.01

i01.01: Business Innovation mobilisation Agendas/Alliances (€558m)

The Mobilising Agendas/Alliances for business innovation, with emphasis on reindustrialisation, aim to accelerate the structural transformation of the Portuguese economy, improving its specialisation profile through the formation of solid and structured consortia that guarantee the development, diversification and specialisation of national value chains, pursuing objective goals in terms of exports, qualified employment and investment in R&D.

Collaborative projects to be supported must allow for the leveraging of i) the development of new products and services with greater added value, with a view to increasing export potential; ii) the hiring of qualified human resources, coordinated with increased company investment in R&D; iii) the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI), with transformative potential for the Portuguese manufacturing sector; and iv) an effective green transition towards environmental sustainability.

The initiative will be highly focused and directed at a narrow set of strategic development areas with strong growth potential. A rationale inspired by the “innovation partnerships” of Horizon 2020. The identification of the strategic programmes that will be the object of this initiative will result from an open and competitive tender process, supported by the active involvement of the various potential actors, in order to identify the real investment opportunities and implementation capacities in which all the relevant entities in the scientific and technological, business and public agency systems involved may participate.

Proposals may be promoted by companies, R&D institutions and non-business entities in the research and innovation system, municipal bodies and institutes of higher education.

The thematic areas to be supported are aligned with the smart strategic priorities defined in the National Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (ENEI), and include the following:

  •  Information and Communication Technologies;
  •  Raw Materials and Materials;
  •  Manufacturing industries and technologies;
  •  Automotive, Aeronautics and Space;
  •  Transport, Mobility and Logistics;
  •  Health;
  •  Tourism;
  •  Cultural, Creative and Audio-visual Industries.