Investment RE-C05-i01.02

Investment RE-C05-i01.02

i01.02: Business Innovation Green Agendas/Green Alliances (€372 million)

The Green Agendas/Alliances seek to enhance the importance of green growth and innovation in areas important for accelerating the climate transition. A limited number of Green Agendas for business innovation with be empowered, with an emphasis on reindustrialisation. The collaborative projects to be supported must leverage the development of new products, services and solutions, with high added value and the incorporation of knowledge and technology, allowing a response to the challenge of the green transition towards environmental sustainability.

Identification of the agendas and programmes that will be the object of this initiative will result from an open and competitive tender process in order to identify the real investment opportunities and implementation capacities of the consortia, in which all relevant entities from the scientific and technological, entrepreneurial and public agency systems may participate.

Proposals may be promoted by companies, R&D institutions and non-business entities in the research and innovation system, municipal bodies and institutes of higher education.

As a result of this process, the thematic areas to be supported will be identified, which are aligned with the smart strategic priorities defined in the National Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (ENEI), and include the following:

  •  Energy;
  •  Agro-food;
  •  Forestry;
  •  Economy of the Sea;
  •  Water and Environment.