Investment RE-C07-i01

Investment RE-C07-i01

i01: Business Hosting Areas (AAE) (110 M€)

The intention is to implement a new AAE model that responds to new approaches to innovation, new and more technological concepts and awareness of the need for virtuous connections with scientific and technological systems requiring the implementation of a new AAE model.

This new generation of AAEs should ensure:

  •  Renewable energy production and storage systems for self-consumption (e.g. solar energy);
  •  Pilot interventions to test energy stability service quality islands;
  •  Sustainable mobility (e.g. electric mobility/electric charging points and pilot areas for hydrogen production and charging solutions);
  •  Enhancement of 5G communication coverage solutions;
  •  Active fire prevention and protection measures.

AAEs will be selected by a tender process conducted by the Regional Coordination and Development Commissions.