Investment RE-C07-i05-RAA

Investment RE-C07-i05-RAA

i05: Logistics routes – Azores Regional Road Network (60 M€)

At the infrastructural level, the Autonomous Region of the Azores has made a strategic decision to improve access to population and economic activity centres and to the islands’ main access infrastructures, the aerodrome/airport and seaports, intervention on main urban centre ring roads and bypasses, the creation of road and parking terminals outside urban centres and the upgrading of road signs.

The most important interventions identified were:

 Santa Maria Island

  •  Vila do Porto bypass

 São Miguel Island

  • Improved access to Furnas / Povoação – 1st Section – Furnas bypass
  •  Capelas bypass
  •  São Roque bypass
  •  Portal do Vento bypass

Terceira Island

  •  Improved access, mobility and road safety conditions – Link between Via Vitorino Nemésio and Angra ring road

Graciosa Island

  •  Link between the E.R. 3-2ª and the E.R. 4-2ª

São Jorge Island

  •  Promotion of access, mobility and road safety conditions – Link between the north and south of the island (transversal)

Pico Island

  •  Construction of the Madalena ring road

Faial Island

  •  Construction of the 2nd phase of the Horta bypass