Investment TC-C11-i01

Investment TC-C11-i01

i01: Decarbonisation of Industry (€715m)

This investment, led by IAPMEI, IP, is intended to promote and support financially the national industry initiative for multi-dimensional action at the environmental level, and is structured for the development of projects in four areas:

1. Low-carbon processes and technologies in industry, through the introduction of new product processes and business models and the modification of processes to lead to their decarbonisation, including new low-carbon technologies; the incorporation of new raw materials, fuels derived from waste and biomass; the use of industrial symbioses and circular economy measures, incorporating innovation; and the replacement and/or adaptation of equipment and processes for new sustainable technologies and renewable energy sources. Also of note are measures to adopt fluorinated gases with low global warming potential. It is also important to increase the electrification of final energy consumption, particularly in industry, and to increase access to it as well as the quality of service, especially in industrial areas;

2. Adoption of energy efficiency measures in industry, allowing for the simultaneous reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, in parallel with the adoption of consumption monitoring and management systems that allow for the management and optimisation of energy consumption, taking advantage of the potential of digitalisation and automation;

3. Incorporation of energy from renewable sources and energy storage. It is also important to promote the incorporation of hydrogen and renewable gases in industry, particularly where the technological options for decarbonisation through electrification are more limited;

4. Supporting capacity building for enterprises and the development of information and support tools, such as sectoral roadmaps for carbon neutrality in industry, to identify effective, domestic industry-specific and cost-effective technological solutions that incorporate greater innovation and for promoting their dissemination and support for the measures listed.