Investment TC-C14-i02

Investment TC-C14-i02

i02: Potential for renewable electricity in the Madeira archipelago (€69m)

It is anticipated that in the Madeira Autonomous Region conditions for the operation of the electricity system without a thermoelectric component will be created (through the implementation of structuring projects) once renewable resources are available based on the following aspects:

  •  Creation of conditions to maximise the integration of renewable energy sources;
  •  Creation of a specific legal regime for the generation of electricity from renewable sources in the Madeira Autonomous Region;
  •  Digitalisation of the electricity grid – development of smart grids;
  •  Investment in energy efficiency in all sectors of activity;
  •  Electrification of consumption;
  •  Creating the necessary conditions to attract private investment in the generation of energy from renewable sources (reference tariffs and auction).

In this context, the following actions are envisaged:

  •  Increase in energy generation capacity based on the full remodelling of the Serra de Água and Calheta I hydroelectric power stations;
  •  Installation of a system of batteries to enhance the generation of electricity from renewable sources (Porto Santo and Madeira);
  •  Installation of a synchronous compensator that will contribute to ensuring the safe operation of the electricity system, with full recourse to renewable energies;
  •  Development of smart grids to encourage the decentralisation of energy generation and ensure the management of an increasingly complex electricity system, with generation for self-consumption and other decentralised generation, as well as the growing development of electric mobility, involving the replacement of 130,000 traditional meters with smart meters linked to the communications grid within five years, the modernisation of the public lighting grid (8,750 posts) and the development of charging systems for smart electric vehicles.

The goal is also to revitalise (by 6.2 MW) and increase (by 4 MW) the installed capacity of the hydroelectric power stations and improve the related infrastructures to increase the installed capacity in storage systems through the use of batteries (by 21 MW/27 Wh), to install one compensator and increase (by 48 MW) the capacity to integrate new installed capacity into the electrical system with renewable energy sources.