Investment TC-C15-i02

Investment TC-C15-i02

i02: Expansion of Porto Metro Network – Casa da Música-Santo Ovídio (299 M€)

With the aim of expanding the territorial coverage of the Metro system in the Metropolitan Area of Porto and reducing the problems of congestion on the Porto-Vila Nova de Gaia route, this investment, which will be carried out by Metro do Porto, SA, will expand the Metro network by building a new 6.74 km double track line. This investment contributes to decarbonisation targets and supports the energy transition in the mobility sector, promoting the use of public transport and economic, social and territorial cohesion.

This line is planned to run between Boavista/Casa da Música station on line G (pink line between Liberdade/S. Bento and Boavista/Casa da Música), in Porto, and a new station to be built in Santo Ovídio (interface with the yellow line), in Vila Nova de Gaia. This line is extended through a tunnel, along the surface, on a bridge over the river Douro and over a viaduct, with the following extensions:

a) 4.5 km through a tunnel: 2.77 km in a mining tunnel; 1.73 km of tunnel to be excavated by the cut and cover method;

b) 2.24 km above ground, of which: 600 m will be over a viaduct (widening of the existing viaduct on VL8, viaduct after the Roundabout and viaducts connecting to the new bridge over the Douro River); 600 m bridge over the Douro River; 1.04 km on an above-ground platform.

The new line will have 8 stations:

  •  Boavista/Casa da Música (underground – cut and cover: structure to be built/constructed in the circular line contract);
  •  Campo Alegre (underground – cut and cover);
  •  Arrábida (shallow underground – cut and cover);
  •  Candal (surface);
  •  VL8/Rotunda (surface – possibly uneven);
  •  Devesas (shallow underground – cut and cover);
  •  Soares dos Reis (underground);
  •  Saint Ovid (shallow underground – cut and cover).