Investment TD-C19-i04

Investment TD-C19-i04

i04: Efficient, secure and shared digital critical infrastructures (83 M€)

This investment will be used to intervene in the government’s IT network, making it more resilient and more digital:

  •  Invest in improving the coverage and capacity of the state’s Emergency Communications Network in mainland Portugal, in the geographic redundancy of the Switching Centres (MSO) and of the transmission between radio Base Stations in mainland Portugal and in network redundancy in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira;
  • Renew the architecture of information systems and processes associated with border management and control, police and judicial cooperation and asylum, making it possible to reduce the bureaucratic burden on SEF services;
  • Eliminate redundancies in the bureaucratic technical processes of the Security Forces and Services (FSS), with a view to creating common systems in volatile contexts and enabling police elements to be made available for operational functions, helping reduce operating costs through the use of commonly used solutions and capacities, the reduction of administrative effort promoted by standardisation and the integration and automation of processes.

The digital transition in the Government Computer Network (RING) is structured along five lines of action: i) renewal of the technological infrastructure; ii) capacity building of CEGER’s human resources; iii) developing the information systems; iv) developing and implementing new e-learning and multimedia systems; iv) capacity building to enable secure mobile voice, message and video communications.

In turn, investment in digital infrastructures aims to: i) update 112 service operational centres; ii) update SEF’s technical systems and iii) create redundancies and improve the capacity of the National Internal Security Network and the State Emergency Communications Network.