C8: Forestry



Desenvolver uma resposta estrutural na prevenção e combate de incêndios rurais com impacto ao nível da resiliência, sustentabilidade e coesão territorial.

Develop a structural response to prevent and combat rural fires that is capable of protecting Portugal from serious rural fires in the context of climate change, and with a lasting impact on resilience, sustainability and territorial cohesion.


RE-r19: Transformation of the Landscape of Vulnerable Forests
RE-r20: Reorganisation of the Rural Property Registration and Land Use Monitoring systems
RE-r21: Preventing and combating rural fires


RE-C08-i01: Transformation of the Landscape of Vulnerable Forests 270 M
RE-C08-i02: Rural Property Register and Land Use Monitoring System 86 M
RE-C08-i03: Fuel Management Zones – Primary Network 120 M
RE-C08-i04: Means of preventing and combating rural fires 89 M
RE-C08-i05: MAIS Floresta (MORE Forest) Programme 50 M

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