Relaunching and refocusing housing policy and addressing permanent or temporary structural deficiencies

In terms of housing, the aim is to relaunch and refocus housing policy in Portugal, safeguarding housing for all, by increasing the public housing stock and refurbishing the homes of lower-income families to promote universal access to decent housing conditions.


RE-r04: National Plan for Urgent and Temporary Accommodation


RE-C02-i01: Access to Housing Support Programme 1211M
RE-C02-i02: National Urgent and Temporary Housing Exchange 176M
RE-C02-i03-RAM: Increasing the supply of subsidised housing in the Autonomous Region of Madeira 136M
RE-C02-i04-RAM: Improving housing conditions in the Autonomous Region of the Azores 60M
RE-C02-i05: Affordable public housing stock (loan) 775M
RE-C02-i06: Affordable student accommodation (loan) 375M

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