C7: Infrastructure



To strengthen resilience and territorial cohesion by increasing the competitiveness of the manufacturing base and allowing for a reduction in red tape

Reforçar a resiliência e a coesão territorial, através do aumento da competitividade do tecido produtivo e permitindo uma redução de custos de contexto.


RE-C07-i00: Extension of the electric vehicle charging network 0 M
RE-C07-i01: Business Hosting Areas (AAE) 110 M
RE-C07-i02: Missing links e aumento da capacidade da Rede 313 M
RE-C07-i03: Cross-border connections 65 M
RE-C07-i04: Business Hosting Areas (AAE) – Accessibility by Road 142 M
RE-C07-i05-RAA: Logistics routes – Azores Regional Road Network 60 M

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