National Health Service


Increasing the capacity of the National Health Service

This component seeks to increase the capacity of the National Health Service (SNS) to respond to demographic and epidemiological changes in the country, therapeutic and technological innovation, the trend towards increasing health costs and the expectations of a more informed and demanding society.


RE-r01: Primary health care reform
RE-r02: Mental health reform
RE-r03: Conclusion of the public hospitals governance model reform


RE-C01-i01: Primary Health Care with more responses 467M
RE-C01-i02: National Integrated Continued Care Network and National Palliative Care Network 205M
RE-C01-i03: Conclusion of Mental Health Reforms and Implementation of the Dementia Strategy 88M
RE-C01-i04: Equipment for Hospitals in Seixal, Sintra and Lisbon 180M
RE-C01-i05-RAM: Strengthening the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira 89M
RE-C01-i06: Digital Healthcare Transition 300M
RE-C01-i07-RAM: Digitisation of Healthcare in the Autonomous Region of Madeira 15M
RE-C01-i08-RAA: Autonomous Region of the Azores Digital Hospital 30M
RE-C01-i09: Universal Support System for Active Living 10M

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