Investment TD-C16-i03

Investment TD-C16-i03

i03: Catalysing the Digital Transition of Enterprises (100 M)

This investment, to be coordinated by IAPMEI, I.P. in collaboration with other entities, is made via public technological catalysation projects that seek to reduce the use of paper through the dematerialisation of invoicing, creating a more secure and reliable digital business environment through a set of certifications, and generally reducing context costs. It will also encourage the development of knowledge transfer structures, where the intention is to stimulate the development of more technological products and services as well as support skills development.

The investment is structured through the following three programmes:

  1. Digital Innovation Hubs– DIHs seek to centralise a set of support services for the digital transition of enterprises under more accessible conditions, focusing this process on three disruptive technologies: AI, HPC and Cybersecurity. This programme aims to extend and develop a national DIH network, enhancing the investment forecast by complementing the network that is already under development within the framework of the Digital Europe Programme(DEP) to reach a total of 126 additional hubs. This will allow an increase in coverage with a more comprehensive number of clusters and regions covered by the programme and will stimulate technology-based innovation and collaboration;
  2. Dematerialisation of Invoicing– an initiative that aims to automate the process of affixing a qualified electronic signature for issuing invoices through AMA’s Electronic Invoice Signature Service (SAFE) and to increase the use of digital invoicing in B2B and B2C transactions by providing a solution that uses the Unique Digital Address, enabling invoices to be sent to the customer (citizen or company) by email;
  3. Certification Seals for Cybersecurity, Privacy, Usability and Sustainability– investment in four new certification platforms involving cybersecurity, privacy, usability and sustainability, as well as a promotion campaign and training of conformity assessment bodies and technical assessment laboratories, and the award of seals.

Among other objectives, the investment is expected to reach 4,000 enterprises impacted by the spread of key technologies, complementing those integrated into the DEP’s European Hubs; reach the goal of sending 250,000 users one million electronic invoices in digital format; and achieve 15,000 certifications across all four platforms.