Investment RE-C02-i03-RAM

Investment RE-C02-i03-RAM

i03: : Increasing the supply of subsidised housing in the Autonomous Region of Madeira  (136 M€)

The Autonomous Region of Madeira (ARM) developed its Regional Housing Strategy 2030 (RHS 2030) based on the vision of providing “decent housing for all citizens in the region”, which aims to ensure social cohesion and equal opportunities in access to housing. The investment supports housing solutions for families living in deprived conditions and who do not have the financial means to afford access to suitable housing. With funding from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Autonomous Region of Madeira intends by 2026 to reduce the proportion of families in housing need to 29% by rehousing 1,422 families:

  1.  Rehousing 1,122 families in new social housing, thus solving their housing problems, eliminating vulnerabilities, facilitating social inclusion and reducing energy bills;
  2.  Supporting the refurbishment of 300 homes, with a particular focus on energy efficiency, providing significant improvements in their suitability for habitation and reducing energy bills.


The investment will be implemented by IHM – Investimentos Habitacionais da Madeira, EPERAM, a public company wholly owned by the Autonomous Region of Madeira.